By Veronica Bahamonde of Caminatas Gourmet,  Photography by Alma Fotografia


What comes out of the mix between a Civil Engineer in Computing and Information Technology and a Tourism Technician?


On September 13, 2018 Alejandra Pinto and Dariolet Eberl inaugurated this innovative delicacy that can not go unnoticed in the Villarrica  area in the southern part of Chile.

The partners

Alejandra, born in Santiago, lived some years in El Salvador and Talagante before coming to settle in Villarrica. While working for 19 years in the area of technology, she dabbled in her “hobby” in the baking area! Taking part in innumerable courses which transformed this engineer into a leading pastry chef among her friends to start off, something that could have in her blood from her grandfather “the baker”.




Dariolet from Talagante, who used to work for some years  in the tourism field in Las Condes and Providencia in Santiago, an area she is still in love with, decided to venture and settle in this area of lakes, volcanoes, hot springs and scenic beauty.

To complement maternity and work, she got into “Chocolate making “, an area that ends up conquering her heart, transforming her into a passionate chocolatier which lead her to dabble with local products and thus giving her a personal seal.


An innovative project

We have heard of the well-known phrase “In unity there is strength” which leads these two visionary women to complement their experiences and talents designing something unique in the Araucanía region as it covers much more than a chocolate shop or a pastry shop incorporating multiple products associated with  “CHOCOLATE” like  beer, honey, and yerba mate tea with chocolate.

The quality, the authenticity and the variety of options among which are the prestigious international brands such as Callebaut and Valrhona being the latter considered one of the best chocolate worldwide, brought especially from France.


Whatever your preference, do not miss this Emporio Chocolate without having tried the chocolates filled with Murtas (Chilean berry), Merken  (smoked hot chili) and Chilean Avellana (a delicious Chilean Hazelnut with one of the highest level of antioxidant worldwide) which will also make an unforgettable gift for any occasion.





Emporio Chocolate is located in Pedro Montt 217, Local 4, in Villarrica close to the Notary.

Working hours are from Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 19 p.m.

Mobile phones: +569 6894 8314 y +569 9598 0164