Choose Your Tour

We put at your disposal the possibility of immersing yourself in a unique experience that will allow not only getting to know, but to share with a Mapuche family an unforgettable moment in their “Ruca”

We will pass various typical restaurants and places to try some natural and processed products, experience the local cuisine with an influence of the world, culminating with a sampling of fine Chilean wines for everyone to enjoy and delight, even the most demanding palates of our visitors.

Our tour will take you along various places that have been innovating with new mixtures of fruits, species and unusual ideas throughout the years, which will allow you not only to taste them but also to take back with you, part of your experience on the return of your adventure in a form of unique presents.

We will guide you on a tour of those places that marked an important landmark of Pucón as well as visionary ventures with new proposals that will allow you to take a walk through a variety of novelty places.


Caminatas Gourmet walks invites you to go for a walk through the oldest city in the Araucanía in a tour that focuses on the history and culture of Villarrica through the senses, colours, aromas, flavours and textures.